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Are We There Yet?


For many, summertime brings more than warmer temperatures. It brings memories of family road trips: parents, children, pets, books, games, and bikes all piled up in the station wagon, minivan or SUV. The anticipation and excitement stream out the windows along with the tunes playing on the radio and the laughter (or more likely, fighting) from the siblings in the back seat.

Barely on the interstate and a young one asks, “Are we there yet?” In my family, “just around the next corner” was always the answer, from the first time the question was posed to the last … no matter how many times asked or how long the trip. The destination was always just around the next corner. In fact, I recently took a road trip with my younger son (now age 25), and as we pulled out of the driveway and I asked him, “Are we there yet?” he replied, “It’s just around the next corner.”

Since March 2020, after leaving AGC’s Convention in Vegas and arriving home to news that we had to stay put indefinitely, haven’t we all been asking, “Are we there yet?” Are we anywhere but here, in the middle of a global pandemic, confined to our homes, separated from loved ones, impacted by job losses and in some cases, much more? We kept hearing — or at least hoping — “It’s just around the next corner.”

Now, however, it seems we are truly approaching the bend in the road and can see what’s beyond. For AGC of America and its members, it’s Orlando and the association’s annual convention, scheduled for September 21-23, 2021. AGC has been working hard behind the scenes to welcome you all back to its first major in-person event since the pandemic. A sneak peek at the agenda and some of the special events can be found here, but it would be wise to bookmark convention.agc.org which contains up-to-date information. Or, even better, download the AGC Connection App (from the AGC website, or the Apple Apps or Google Play stores) and have everything you need to know right at your fingertips.

Summertime brings more than memories of family road trips. It brings actual road trips. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, more folks are traveling, going places they could only dream of last year. Many of those roads may also be highway work zones, and an uptick in traffic puts construction workers — your employees and maybe even family members — at risk for injury or worse, if a driver doesn’t heed all the critical safety measures. AGC of America and HCSS recently released the results of their annual highway work zone safety study which indicated a high incidence of work zone crashes within the last year. Read the article and view our infographic for further details.

No matter what your summer has in store for you, may the journey be safe and all the fun just around the corner.

See you in Orlando!