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Shifting Gears

Every week, for almost a year, Aimee Ziter, director of AGC of Vermont’s Project RoadSafe, read the weekly Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Report, issued by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and grew increasingly concerned as she scanned the number of vehicle citations issued.

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Saluting our Soldiers

AGC members honor veteran colleagues while supporting Warrior Canine Connection, an AGC Charities' Operation Opening Doors project

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BIM: What? Why? Watch Out! Resolve.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most prevalent innovations in the design and construction industry over the past 20 years.

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Tools of the Trade

Although new technologies designed to promote collaboration, improve project management, increase safety and enhance the bottom line are continually emerging, the construction industry is slow to adopt these tools.

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Suit Up

Seeking to increase productivity and improve safety, contractors have begun trying exoskeletons, mechanical, robotic frames to help with lifting and holding tools overhead.

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Easy, Not Hard

How do savvy contractors keep up when technology evolves faster than light? By keeping it simple, say folks in the field.

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