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Selecting the Right Performance Risk Security for Your Project: Does One Size Fit All?

By Ian Frank Frantz Ward LLP Imagine you are responsible to develop a comprehensive risk management program for an upcoming construction project estimated to cost $500 million. What are the options available to you, and where do you start? Or presume you have an opportunity to submit a proposal to serve as the construction manager for the project, and the ...

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Restoring a National Icon

By Jamie Ives Ogden High School was constructed during the Great Depression as part of the Works Project Administration launched by President Roosevelt. When completed in 1937, the new school was the country’s first million dollar high school west of the Mississippi. Experts regarded the institution’s 1,900-seat auditorium as one of the best examples of Art-Deco Architecture in America. Seventy ...

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EPA Regulation Overview

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s rulemaking pipeline is filled with many new or enhanced rules and regulations scheduled for release in the upcoming year or two. Three key issues will have a direct impact on contractors’ business.

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Growth Potential

Both chambers of Congress passed what's been dubbed as the cromnibus bill

With the construction market starting to pick up, particularly in certain sectors, many U.S. companies are re-evaluating their growth strategies and are looking to expand into other areas through acquisitions or mergers.

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Crisis Control

To paraphrase one of the more colorful axioms of the American lexicon: Stuff happens. Does your company have a plan in place for when it does?

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AGC of South Dakota’s Operation Opening Doors Provides Remodeled Home to Purple Heart Recipient

It was back in 2006, that Staff Sergeant Sean Johnson was injured while serving his country overseas. Six years later, Sean finally received the much deserved, Purple Heart. Now, the veteran is receiving the home he deserves thanks to an program called Operation Opening Doors, sponsored by the AGC South Dakota Building Chapter. Click here for the full story.

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Four Hidden Risks That Can Cost Contractors Money

By Ted Devine CEO, insureon Contractors and construction workers perform some of the most dangerous work there is – and they’re often competing on price with professionals who cut corners or skimp on quality to keep their costs low. While the temptation to operate a lean business to minimize short-term expenses may be significant, contractors should be aware that skipping ...

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California State University East Bay’s Former Administration Building Demolished by Implosion

Warren Hall, the former signature building of the Hayward Campus of California State University, East Bay that housed administration offices and classrooms for some 40 years, was demolished by implosion on Aug. 17, 2013. AGC of California member Sundt Construction handled the demolition and has been selected to construct the replacement building. The 13-story Warren Hall, which opened in 1971, ...

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De-Constructing Social Media

Groups and posts , impressions and likes . And what about Tumblrs and the blogosphere? It’s a brave yet not-so-new world anymore. Has your company taken the plunge? Read on for why and how you should get started, plus a few new ideas to up your game.

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