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California State University East Bay’s Former Administration Building Demolished by Implosion

Warren Hall, the former signature building of the Hayward Campus of California State University, East Bay that housed administration offices and classrooms for some 40 years, was demolished by implosion on Aug. 17, 2013. AGC of California member Sundt Construction handled the demolition and has been selected to construct the replacement building.

The 13-story Warren Hall, which opened in 1971, was determined by the California State University Seismic Review Board to be the most seismically vulnerable building in the CSU system. It had been empty for about two years, as most of the offices that once occupied Warren Hall were moved to a new structure, the Student Services Administration (SA) building on the east side of the campus.

The demolition process isolated and then imploded the key structural supporting elements of the building. With the demolition contractor using specially timed charges, the 195-foot structure leaned and then fell in a predetermined area away from nearby campus buildings. To view the implosion, click here.

Scientific research will benefit from the implosion. With Warren Hall sitting little more than a mile from the Hayward Fault, the U.S. Geological Survey – in cooperation with the university –observed and recorded the implosion on hundreds of seismographs temporarily set up within a one-mile radius of the demolition. The data gathered will help characterize the underground geology around the fault in three dimensions.

Click here for more information about the USGS-CSUEB research, called the East Bay Seismic Experiment.

Earlier this year, the CSU Board of Trustees authorized $50 million to demolish Warren Hall and replace it with a new structure. Read about that on the CSUEB website.

California State University, East Bay selected Sundt to replace the school’s 42-year-old Warren Hall administration building with a modern, energy-efficient structure in a new location on campus. In addition to imploding the existing, now-vacant Warren Hall, the project includes demolishing a two-story bridge that spans West Loop Road and connects the building to the campus’ main library.

The replacement building will be constructed on the east side of campus, adjacent to the existing Student Services Administration building. The opening in the library created by the bridge removal will be enclosed to capture a stunning panoramic view of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay. Construction is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2015.