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Safe Space

Construction work zones create hazards for drivers and workers but steps exist to providing a safer workplace.

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A Look at Washington’s More Interesting Characters

For those Americans fortunate enough to live outside the Beltway, the only “Washington types” you may see on a regular basis are your representatives in the House and Senate.

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Contractors Roll Up their Sleeves on Workforce Development

In an effort to combat a shortage of skilled workers — in combination with a "college-for-all" mentality that is prevalent in many U.S. high schools — workforce development opportunities are on the rise.

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Focused on the Future

Poised to begin his presidency in the year of AGC's centennial, Eddie Stewart is proud of everything the association has accomplished and ready to celebrate, but his eyes are unmoving – resting steady on the road ahead.

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Regulatory Road: Change is a Certainty

Regulatory Road - Possible Construction Rule Changes Coming in 2017

No crystal ball can accurately predict how a new administration will affect rulemaking in 2017, but there are some general impressions about how the regulatory environment might change.

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In Good Repair: Advancements in Bridge Renovations Save Time and Money

To keep aging, structurally deficient bridges functioning costs billions annually. Transportation departments, academics and contractors are looking for solutions that will save funds and ease the pain of closing bridges for repairs or reconstruction.

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Are We Safe Yet?

Despite increasing safety consciousness and public awareness campaigns, high speed vehicle crashes into work zones continue to impact construction workers and drivers at an alarming rate.

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Close Quarters

While many of the requirements are similar, there are a few key differences between the general industry standard and the construction-specific rules recently issued by OSHA on confined spaces.

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Three Little Words

Incoming president Mark Knight and his team are ready, willing and able to meet the industry's needs. He's confident the rest of AGC is, as well.

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