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Hello, Texas

The upcoming AGC event in Grapevine, Texas, marks my 10th annual convention. In March 2012, I flew to Honolulu, Hawaii, knowing very little about construction and nearly no one at the conference. But, during those four days, I learned a great deal about the association, its members and the industry. And with each convention, I bring back a little more ...

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Final Inspection

AGC’s 2020 Annual Report The Power of Engagement To view the entire annual report, visit https://report.agc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/AGC-Report-FINAL.pdf. ISTOCK.COM/RUDZHAN NAGIEV WHAT’S NEXT AGC 2022 Convention March 28-31, 2022 Grapevine, Texas https://convention.agc.org/ BY THE NUMBERS 11,000 number of members who sent 70,000 communications to Congress and the Trump administration $56 billion amount of infrastructure funding secured 96,000 number of employees who took advantage ...

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Labor Shortage Likely to Intensify

Contractors who have had trouble filling open positions in 2021 may find their difficulties increasing in the new year. The situation is likely to result in more project delays and higher costs.

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New Year, Same Virus

When I wrote my column for the January/February 2021 issue of Constructor, I thought talking about COVID in the present would soon be a thing of the past.

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Worker Shortage Intensifies Despite Sluggish Recovery

Contractors are struggling to fill openings, even though many firms have smaller workforces than a year ago, so say respondents to the latest Autodesk-AGC of America Workforce Survey, which released on September 2.

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How Engagement Is Making AGC Even Stronger

When I first became president back in March 2020, a lifetime ago, I talked about how getting engaged in AGC of America was key to making our association successful. I want to say thank you for proving me right.

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