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Bringing the Industry Together to Address Workforce Shortages

The inaugural National Construction Industry Workforce Summit will offer a unique opportunity to learn about successful workforce development efforts, network with contractors, association leaders and educators who are involved in workforce development and help develop new nationwide solutions to chronic construction labor shortages.’

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Breaks in Supply-Chain Links Add to Contractors’ Cost Woes

Construction firms are coping with a seemingly unending series of supply-chain disruptions that are compounding problems caused by record materials cost increases and pandemic-induced challenges to operations. As each link is repaired or bypassed, another gap appears elsewhere.

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Are We There Yet?

For many, summertime brings more than warmer temperatures. It brings memories of family road trips: parents, children, pets, books, games, and bikes all piled up in the station wagon, minivan or SUV.

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Red Light, Green Light

Anyone else feel like we’re living the classic schoolyard game Red Light, Green Light?

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Silver Linings in the Midst of COVID-19

The construction industry was one of the fortunate few that was able — in most parts of the country — to keep working during the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

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