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The Collaboration Chronicles

Viewing Construction Projects Through “The Lens of Collaboration” Benefits the Construction Industry Overall.

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Cultivate, Innovate, Accelerate at AGC’s 98th Annual Convention

Make plans to attend the 98th annual AGC Convention and seize your opportunity to cultivate new ideas, see and hear about the latest in construction innovation, and leave with the tools to accelerate your business to the next level.

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What’s With Wellness?

Wellness in the Construction Workplace

What if we told you your company could reduce its healthcare costs while making your employees healthier, happier, more productive and less prone to injury?

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In Good Repair: Advancements in Bridge Renovations Save Time and Money

To keep aging, structurally deficient bridges functioning costs billions annually. Transportation departments, academics and contractors are looking for solutions that will save funds and ease the pain of closing bridges for repairs or reconstruction.

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Cybercrime: Why You’re Almost Certainly at Risk

Construction firms own data about customers, projects, finances and employees that hackers would be interested in exploiting. Read about the experiences of other AGC members overcoming cyberattacks, and what your firm can do to prepare and defend itself.

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Damn! What a Dam!

The Blue Lake Expansion Project, the 2016 Alliant Build America grand award winner by Barnard Construction, shows the fierce determination of one small community to become energy independent.

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