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Shape Up and Ship Out

The opportunity of providing a port for post-Panamax ships and the business they carry has inspired massive renovation projects at ports around the U.S.

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Old, New, Tried & True

New and old construction marketing strategies

Looking for new business? You probably need updated marketing strategies, tactics well suited for the wireless age. But don’t toss out all the old dogs for new tricks just yet.

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Lean in and Learn

Lean helps construction firms

In today’s competitive world, contractors must streamline operations and come up with innovative solutions to a variety of construction challenges. Many firms have embraced Lean methodology as a way to deliver projects more efficiently.

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Putting Moore into Safety

safety, agc, awards

In recognition of exemplary safety practices, WB Moore received AGC of America’s most prestigious safety recognition earlier this year when it was named the grand winner of the Willis Construction Safety Excellence Awards.

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Rebuilding Motor City

As Detroit rebounds from its economic woes, dozens of high-profile projects are being built and there's more in the pipeline, allowing AGC member contractors to help breathe new life into the Motor City.

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The Machinery of Construction Economics

construction equipment

Are you acquiring new equipment to meet expanding opportunities from the economic recovery? Are you still keeping old machines running while you wait for the recovery boom? The answer depends on where you are and what type of construction you perform.

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Flying High: Why the Industry Needs Drones to Get Off the Ground

Drones and construction: What a team

There is great potential for use of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as drones, on construction jobsites for all kinds of purposes – including creating marketing and business development materials, as well as for determining whether work is being performed safely, with quality and in compliance with all regulations.

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Wage Wars

construction salaries

With the recession in the rearview mirror and more active construction sites, employers are reinstating bonuses, wage increases and positions for new employees.

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Big Dreams, Broad Theme

AGC of America President

Communicating AGC's importance to its members is one of President Chuck Greco's many missions for 2015.

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