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Where is Our Industry Headed?

AGC of America's 2014 Construction Industry Hiring and Business Outlook survey shows a 'glass half full' outlook for the industry. Here are a few highlights indicating we're moving in the right direction.

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The AGC Alternative Cuts Cost and Burden of Health Insurance

The AGC Alternative is a private insurance exchange AGC of America has developed that offers members an entirely new way of managing the costs and administrative burdens of providing health and other insurance benefits to their employees.

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Immigration Reform: Good for the Industry, Good for the Economy

Contractors’ hopes were raised early this year when House Republicans presented an immigration reform plan, but as time wears on, the opportunity for serious reform in 2014 remains doubtful, despite a strong business case for a workable visa system.

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Labor Pains

Shifts in perception may help swell the ranks of the construction industry, where skilled workers are an endangered species, but community presence, engagement and a push to change the way kids learn could be the foundation on which a new improved workforce is built.

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Wise Investment

2014 AGC President Al Landes

2014 AGC President Al Landes sees his role as showing members what membership investment buys them, and that a greater understanding of – and involvement in – what AGC does will give them maximum ROI.

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On the Bright Side

As the industry enters 2014, many AGC members seem more optimistic than in years past. Trends in technology and delivery methods show promise and look to drive growth.

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Safety and Numbers

Mowat pipeline crew practices construction safety

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 5 percent bump in construction fatalities in 2012. What do AGC professionals think prompted the increase after five consecutive years of decline and what are members doing to reverse the trend?

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