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Let Your Voice Be Heard

In what many AGC members are speculating as the "most important election of our lifetime," it's important to get up to speed on issues, find out where the candidates stand and let your voice be heard.

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Transportation Bill a Win for Industry

Stephen Sandherr, CEO of AGC of America, urges Congress to think of the measure as the start of a longer-term process to address transportation funding challenges.

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Member Makeup

Check out our infographic illustrating who comprises AGC.

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The Big Three

It might be the biggest understatement of the year, but for simplicity’s sake, the construction industry’s most pressing environmental compliance issues fall under three headings: water, oil and waste management. Regulations might be tight, but the combination isn’t as hard to swallow as it sounds.

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Shaky System

The federal government's tiered program for counting small business participation on projects places an unfair burden on the construction industry.

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Filling Boots

AGC and industry partners work together to promote construction as a career.

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