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Speaking the Same Language

Frustrated when software systems cannot “talk” to one another, especially when an owner or general contractor requires the use of his systems? New standards for open-source interoperability, the ability of data to be exchanged and interpreted by various software systems, could solve these problems, and AGC has renewed its agcXML initiative to develop and maintain those standards.

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Young Blood

Every industry needs a steady infusion. Construction is no different. How will AGC’s new blood — raised on technology and modern communication — absorb the knowledge of the old and drive the engines of progress to shape the future?

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Restoring a National Icon

By Jamie Ives Ogden High School was constructed during the Great Depression as part of the Works Project Administration launched by President Roosevelt. When completed in 1937, the new school was the country’s first million dollar high school west of the Mississippi. Experts regarded the institution’s 1,900-seat auditorium as one of the best examples of Art-Deco Architecture in America. Seventy ...

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EPA Regulation Overview

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s rulemaking pipeline is filled with many new or enhanced rules and regulations scheduled for release in the upcoming year or two. Three key issues will have a direct impact on contractors’ business.

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Growth Potential

Both chambers of Congress passed what's been dubbed as the cromnibus bill

With the construction market starting to pick up, particularly in certain sectors, many U.S. companies are re-evaluating their growth strategies and are looking to expand into other areas through acquisitions or mergers.

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Crisis Control

To paraphrase one of the more colorful axioms of the American lexicon: Stuff happens. Does your company have a plan in place for when it does?

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De-Constructing Social Media

Groups and posts , impressions and likes . And what about Tumblrs and the blogosphere? It’s a brave yet not-so-new world anymore. Has your company taken the plunge? Read on for why and how you should get started, plus a few new ideas to up your game.

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Hire Power

As construction hiring heats up, finding and recruiting key talent for your company becomes essential.

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Buy or Rent? New or Used?

When contractors consider whether to purchase new equipment, buy used equipment at auction or from resellers, lease to purchase, or rent, the decision is based on a number of factors.

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