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Building on Experience

Art Daniel will be at the helm as AGC marks its centennial. He sees the association's myriad accomplishments as more than just past triumphs due homage, but a poured foundation that will hold each beam and brick of a bold, bright future.

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Regulatory Road: Change is a Certainty

Regulatory Road - Possible Construction Rule Changes Coming in 2017

No crystal ball can accurately predict how a new administration will affect rulemaking in 2017, but there are some general impressions about how the regulatory environment might change.

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Get Involved: Find Your Place at the AGC of America Table

No matter the type of work your construction company performs or the nature of your job, AGC of America has a place for you to volunteer with like-minded individuals and to craft initiatives that will help shape the future of the construction industry.

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The Collaboration Chronicles

Viewing Construction Projects Through “The Lens of Collaboration” Benefits the Construction Industry Overall.

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Cultivate, Innovate, Accelerate at AGC’s 98th Annual Convention

Make plans to attend the 98th annual AGC Convention and seize your opportunity to cultivate new ideas, see and hear about the latest in construction innovation, and leave with the tools to accelerate your business to the next level.

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