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Changing Skylines

Anyone who has traveled to Nashville, Tenn. in recent years can’t help but notice the building boom the city is undergoing. But one hometown girl, Michaela Coston, sees more than scaffolds, safety cones, cranes and construction sites.

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Dealing with Data in the Construction Industry

The exponential growth of big data has had a profound effect on the heavy building materials industry. Per Techjury, every person this year will generate 1.7 megabytes of data in just a second. In 2019, internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

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A new two-for-one value proposition can be found in GTL-1000, a new compact scanner integrated with a fully featured robotic total station, offering a site manager a dual-function instrument designed to complete a layout and scan on a single set-up.

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Construction Technology: Long-Term Benefits with Short-Term Investment

One of the nation’s largest privately held construction firms, Brasfield & Gorrie, based in Birmingham, Alabama, provides a number of contracting services. To ensure it provides clients the best possible service, the company investigates and embraces new technologies that increase productivity.

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The Five Essentials for 5D

If you’ve worked in the construction industry for any significant amount of time, chances are you’ve been asked what kind of work you do — which is usually code for “I know you don’t swing a hammer, but have no idea what your actual job is.”

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PEMB Use Keeps SoCal Icy

Constructing California’s largest public ice arena meant designing a structure that could withstand the state’s warm temperatures and higher earthquake propensity.

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