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Outside the Box

Enrique Esplain enjoys a challenge. He is a project manager for Sundt Construction, one of the largest contractors in the Southwestern United States.

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Ready to Roll

Near the Kansas City International Airport lies a well-traveled stretch of road that connects NE Cookingham Drive to I-435.

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Rebuild the Ratio

The gender gap that currently exists in the construction workforce is well-known. What may not be, however, are the numerous efforts AGC of America and its members are taking to remedy this problem.

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Believe You Belong

For the past 20 years, Tricia Kagerer has worked in the construction industry, currently serving as the executive vice president of risk management for Jordan Foster Construction, a member of multiple AGC chapters.

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Everyone’s Voice Matters

In 2020, the nation saw a wave of unprecedented events that paved the way for necessary growth and change business, communities and the industry. In particular, the unjustified killing of George Floyd and the protests against police brutality, triggered critical conversations across the country about the dangerous effect of systemic racism on every facet of society, including the construction industry.

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