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Environmental Permitting: Getting to “Yes” with the Army Corps of Engineers

By JOHN EISENHAUER and ROB VINING A few years ago, a developer with plans for a terminal in the Pacific Northwest realized that before he could begin, he needed approval under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A local consulting company advised that approval required an expansive Biological Assessment (BA) of ...

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The Path of Least Resistance

DFW CONNECTOR PROJECT PROVIDES TEXAS COMMUTERS WITH AN EASIER RIDE TO WORK By Tom Donaldson Like electrical current, motorists in large urban centers are continually seeking the path of least resistance. With the completion of the DFW Connector Project, NorthGate Constructors, a joint venture between Kiewit Texas Construction and Zachry Construction Corporation, both members of AGC of Texas Highway, Heavy, ...

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Reimagining Construction and Care

Patients are becoming consumes of healthcare rather than simply recipients.

With a variety of pricing and treatment models available, patients are becoming consumers of healthcare rather than simply recipients.

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Arbitration Versus Litigation

CHOOSING THE RIGHT STRATEGY FOR COMPLEX CONSTRUCTION CLAIMS BY GARY A WILSON CO-CHAIR, CONSTRUCTION, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND SURETY LAW PRACTICE GROUP POST & SCHELL, P.C. Complex construction claims and disputes bring with them a variety of factors from a legal standpoint: multiple parties, a web of legal and technical facts and information, related insurance issues, and millions of dollars for ...

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Fringe Benefits FAQs

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU FILE IN 2015 BY KENDALL COLEMAN CST GROUP The IRS is known for cyclical “crackdowns”: periodically selecting a particular rule or regulation and strictly enforcing it for a few tax cycles in order to reset the bar. Over the past few years the IRS has applied a laser-focus to a number of issues ...

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False Claims Act: Pitfalls for the Small-Business Federal Contractor

BY JOSEPH L. HARDESTY AND ZACHARY D. JONES STITES & HARBISON PLLC The United States federal government is the world’s single largest purchaser of goods and services. Fortunately for small businesses, it makes a significant portion of its purchases exclusively from small and disadvantaged businesses through various programs. Businesses can qualify for one or more of these set-aside programs based ...

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Cloud Computing 101: How Can You Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?

BY LEN WHITTEN A 2012 survey by JBKnowledge Technologies of 450 construction firms found that 30 percent do not use cloud computing. The other 70 percent use it on a limited basis with only 6.5 percent using cloud-based accounting apps. But interest in cloud migration grows. Sage Construction & Real Estate’s last two annual surveys found that the percentage of ...

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Heroes to Construction

Returning Veterans to Make a Great Resource in the Construction Industry BY RAUL GARCIA AND BRAD BENHART As the United States exits the recession and idle construction projects begin to have a pulse, the industry will soon be looking at a worker shortage at all levels: craft and management. This backlog of stalled projects, coupled with new developments, is going ...

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BIM it Here or BIM it There, but Must We BIM it Everywhere?

Is BIM right for your project?

HOW A BIM PROJECT EXECUTION PLAN CAN HELP YOUR TEAM UNDERSTAND WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW BY HEATHER KOSSILA AIA ASSOC., LEED® AP The day can’t start any better. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the price of gas dropped just as you pulled in to the station (yeah, right). Your company won a high-profile project, and ...

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