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Natural Gas-Powered Generators Lower Fuel Costs, Reduce Emissions

Aggreko Natural Gas Generator

With the unseasonably warm trend and increasing number of construction projects expected to continue into 2017 and beyond, contractors are sure to look for power solutions that not only increase operational efficiencies, but also meet stringent environmental regulations. Many construction companies are turning to mobile natural gas power generation. The use of natural gas power equipment avoids project delays, improves emissions and makes gains on balance sheets by avoiding high-cost capital expenditure (CAPEX) commitments on short- to mid-term duration needs.

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Creating an Unfair Advantage

Contractors’ get work departments can be like a car with a bad alignment. While everyone is working hard to get where they want to go, some of the effort is being pulled toward the “ditch” of low hit rates, missed opportunities and undeveloped client relationships. All that is needed are a few key adjustments to win your fair share of work.

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S&D YOUniversity is Foundation for Mechanical Contractor’s Commitment to Employee Education, Training and Development

Shapiro & Duncan YouTube Channel

Shapiro & Duncan, an AGC of Metropolitan Washington D.C. member, has invested substantially in apprenticeship programs and has developed a wide variety of career development and educational opportunities its calls S&DYOUniversity – not only to bring people into construction, but also to help them advance and stay with Shapiro & Duncan.

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A Hurricane Preparedness Plan Can Save Time, Money and Lives

Hurricane Andrew

Contractors across the United States should take hurricane preparedness seriously. Here are a few key tips that could benefit any builder in need of updating or creating a hurricane preparedness plan.

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When Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Prepared?

SAFE PRACTICES IN THE CRANE INDUSTRY BY JAKE MORIN TRADE CONTRACTORS & BUILDING SERVICES PROGRAM EXECUTIVE PROSIGHT SPECIALTY INSURANCE With the economy on the upswing, construction is booming. Since the construction industry bottomed out in 2009, construction projects have tripled and according to the Commerce Department, construction spending as of January 2016 has reached its highest level in eight years. ...

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Hidden Risk: Employee Recruitment and Retention

BY MARK J. TROXELL, VICE PRESIDENT OF SAFETY SERVICES, THE GRAHAM COMPANY SHANE RICCIO, PRODUCER, THE GRAHAM COMPANY As many of you can attest, the economic recovery has continued to keep backlogs flush, but that has only heightened the need to find and retain skilled workers. The construction industry has some unique challenges in finding and retaining enough qualified candidates ...

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NLRB Ruling Creates New Punch List for General Contractors

BY RUSSELL MCEWAN LITTLER MENDELSON Precision and predictability are harbingers of a successful construction project. The failure to adhere to specifications or customer preferences can have serious consequences on the integrity, safety or profitability of a project. While not every aspect of a build can be reduced to a blueprint, general contractors know that their ability to minimize and adapt ...

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