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Attention Vertical Contractors: The Public Building Renewal Act of 2017 Matters to You

Since 2010, more than $36 billion in U.S. transportation public-private partnership (PPP) projects have advanced. Over that same period, however, only one public building PPP was constructed. There is one key reason for the lack of PPP activity in public buildings – the U.S. Tax Code.

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Repairing a Foundation When Space, Time and Cost are Issues

Anticipating foundation flaws and building them into the blueprint of your structure puts your building ahead of the game and prevents engineers and contractors from continually having to invest in repairs as time passes.

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Experience Modification Rate: Best Practices for Achieving a Lower Score and Safer Operations

Most professionals in the construction industry appreciate the importance of risk management. Prioritizing safety in construction operations is not only paramount to securing new business and recruiting talent, it’s also an essential component of profitability. While the safety-related anecdotes shared on construction sites and in new employee orientations are important, there is only one measure of safety that underscores a ...

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Natural Gas-Powered Generators Lower Fuel Costs, Reduce Emissions

Aggreko Natural Gas Generator

With the unseasonably warm trend and increasing number of construction projects expected to continue into 2017 and beyond, contractors are sure to look for power solutions that not only increase operational efficiencies, but also meet stringent environmental regulations. Many construction companies are turning to mobile natural gas power generation. The use of natural gas power equipment avoids project delays, improves emissions and makes gains on balance sheets by avoiding high-cost capital expenditure (CAPEX) commitments on short- to mid-term duration needs.

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Creating an Unfair Advantage

Contractors’ get work departments can be like a car with a bad alignment. While everyone is working hard to get where they want to go, some of the effort is being pulled toward the “ditch” of low hit rates, missed opportunities and undeveloped client relationships. All that is needed are a few key adjustments to win your fair share of work.

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S&D YOUniversity is Foundation for Mechanical Contractor’s Commitment to Employee Education, Training and Development

Shapiro & Duncan YouTube Channel

Shapiro & Duncan, an AGC of Metropolitan Washington D.C. member, has invested substantially in apprenticeship programs and has developed a wide variety of career development and educational opportunities its calls S&DYOUniversity – not only to bring people into construction, but also to help them advance and stay with Shapiro & Duncan.

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