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Cold-Formed Steel Essential to Resiliency of New City Hall

Clark Dietrich

The city of Boerne, Texas, will soon get its first-ever City Hall and like the structures that inspired its design, the building was designed to serve the community for centuries not decades. To contribute to the resiliency of the City Hall, a number of steel framing systems were specified by general contractor Lee Lewis Construction, including 250,000 pounds of ClarkDietrich ...

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Trimble Report: Finally, Getting Owners + GCs on the Same Page

e-Builder, a Trimble Company, Trimble ProjectSight and Dodge Data & Analytics partnered on a SmartMarket Brief, allowing owners and contractors to report on their current project processes and where each saw room for improvement.

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Let Us Build the Insurance Policy You Need

Let us build the insurance policy you need

The risks commercial construction companies face on a daily basis can keep you up at night. With Nationwide CustomSolutions for commercial construction you’ll get an insurance policy and support that will help put your mind at ease. Insurance coverage built specifically for commercial construction companies. Dedicated loss control consultants. Claims expertise to settle the most complex construction claims. Visit nationwide.com/ConstructionSolutions to learn more. ...

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Giatec Scientific Inc. – Revolutionizing Concrete Testing Technologies

Concrete gains strength much more slowly in cold weather, requiring the use of heaters and blankets to optimize curing conditions, or adding accelerators to achieve target strength values more rapidly. This makes temperature and strength monitoring of your in-situ concrete critical when weather conditions are not predictable. One method that lets you always know how your concrete is curing and ...

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Laying the Groundwork for Tomorrow

Almost every contractor has faced this problem: you’re ready to go to work, but you can’t get onto the site because of poor site conditions or bad weather. Equipment and manpower downtime is costing you time and money while you wait for the site to dry. You have options. You can over-excavate and import fill, but that is expensive. You ...

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The Next Generation in Site Visibility, Security and Safety is Here

Each day, site supervisors are responsible for coordinating various trades, workers, equipment and building materials across dynamic work zones. Despite technological advancements, contractors still lack comprehensive visibility into what’s happening across project sites. The Spot-r connected jobsite platform combines a network designed for construction, physical turnstiles and compact hardware to control who gets onto your jobsite and provide unprecedented visibility into where ...

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Up Your Odds to Increase Project Efficiency

A Sure Bet Building in the great outdoors can be a gamble. Prefabrication takes the labor availability and site inconsistency variables off the table—completing work in a controlled factory environment instead, which can help save time and money. But the savings doesn’t have to end there. Double down with DensElement® Barrier System. DensElement multiplies efficiency by eliminating the need for a separate ...

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Multi-Tank Trailers Fuel SoCal Contractor’s Fleet

Soil Designs Inc. develops custom pads for luxury homes in California. Soil Designs used a 100-gallon tank in the back of a pickup truck to fuel its fleet that required multiple trips throughout the day and night. Eventually, the downtime, operating costs and multiple trips to the gas station became a hurdle the company wanted to make more efficient. They ...

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Actionable insights to engage your fleet

GPS Insight, an AGC Member and leading fleet software company, is conducting research about fleet management technology for construction businesses.Whether you want to switch fleet software providers or are looking for the first time, GPS Insight partners with construction companies in a unique way and would like to learn more about your business to see if they can help. Their ...

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Raken: The Leader in Daily Reporting and Field Management

Raken provides mobile-first technology to streamline field workflows. Raken’s digital toolbox saves superintendents time by allowing them to capture daily reports, time cards, tasks and photos directly from the field with an easy-to-use mobile app, automatically turning them into branded reports, real-time dashboards and data insights that improve the flow of information from the field to the office. In this ...

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