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Cold-Formed Steel Essential to Resiliency of New City Hall

Clark Dietrich

The city of Boerne, Texas, will soon get its first-ever City Hall and like the structures that inspired its design, the building was designed to serve the community for centuries not decades. To contribute to the resiliency of the City Hall, a number of steel framing systems were specified by general contractor Lee Lewis Construction, including 250,000 pounds of ClarkDietrich cold-formed steel. Through a combination of resilience-based architectural design, effective product selection and proper installation methods, Boerne City Hall is sure to be a prized symbol of the city of Boerne for centuries.

For more information on how cold-formed steel contributes to resilient building design, visit https://www.clarkdietrich.com/blog/2019-06-19/project-team-specifies-clarkdietrich-framing-products-construct-new-city-hall

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