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Content Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing an article to Constructor, the official membership magazine of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). The magazine not only serves members of AGC but is intended to represent the industry by providing insightful commentary, coverage of trends, and actionable best practices that engage industry professionals. To further inquire about guest author submission opportunities, please email Editor‐in‐Chief Jeanie Clapp at JClapp@naylor.com.

In addition to the print magazine, we publish several online components and additional newsletters for AGC of America. If content is accepted for publication, there is no guarantee it will appear in the print magazine. However, all content is cross‐promoted and reaches the 26,000+ AGC membership, plus other interested parties.

Constructor Family of Products

Constructor magazine: Published six times a year, Constructor magazine is delivered to 26,000+ AGC members, predominantly general and subcontractors, and is intended to provide best practices, articles that inspire, educate and inform its readership. In addition to the print magazine, we offer a digital component, which is housed on a dedicated website, www.constructormagazine. All articles can be accessed online at anytime. And while we do accept bylined articles for this publication, the number of submitted articles per issue is limited.

Constructor Monthly eNewsletter: Published on the 15th of each month, this is a companion piece to the magazine and includes up‐to‐date construction news, AGC information, best practice articles and member tidbits. This is distributed via email to the AGC membership and also is housed on Constructor’s site. Many articles that do not make it into the print magazine due to space considerations often find a good home here.

www.constructormagazine.com: Each week we upload online exclusive content to the site. This would include articles of interest to the industry, such as construction projects, business‐related content, marketing tips, safety news, etc.

Contributor Guidelines

  • The suggested article must focus on a topic of interest to AGC membership, should offer best practices and should be submitted exclusively for this publication. Submissions are generally preferred from experts or current professionals working in a field of interest to our readers on topics in which the writer can speak with authority and experience.
  • Straight advertorials are not acceptable, and content must refrain from any type of marketing or sales message. Any promotion of products, services or sales pitches will be deleted in the editing process. Refrain from using phrases like “we do it …” or other promotional terminology. You must not be derogatory to any of your competition by name or in reference.
  • Your company name must not appear in the text of the article. You will, however, have a byline and short author/company biography along with your company name and contact information at the end of the article. No links are included within the body of the article, only at the end with your biography.
  • Articles should focus on big‐picture ideas with back‐pocket solutions for readers (specifically AGC members). The best articles identify a problem (affecting commercial contractors), use everyday language that simplifies the concept, and describe how the solution(s) would improve the situation.
  • AGC is a national organization. Therefore, content should be relevant to all, and not those in one particular region or state.
  • The article must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document (not a PDF). At the top of the story, please include your byline, as you would like it to appear, and a suggested headline and subhead (headlines and subheads may be revised at the editor’s discretion).
  • Article length should be no more than 1,500 words, if possible.
  • Use active voice as much as possible and do not write in the first person. Second person is OK on an occasional basis. Avoid using jargon. Use the same tone/language that people would use in conversation. Constructor is for working professionals in the construction industry and articles should be entertaining and engaging. Avoid the term “stakeholder.”
  • Quotes from AGC of America members add value to articles. Callouts and sidebars make good additions to any story. Any construction project mentioned in a story must have an AGC member as the general contractor. They must be members of the chapter where the project is located and noted as such (XYZ Construction, a Carolinas AGC member).

Acceptance Criteria 

  • Articles address our audience and cover matters and concerns relevant to strategy and market development in the commercial construction field.
  • Articles are consistent with AGC of America interests.
  • Articles cover the topic substantively and present new information or add a new slant to existing practices.
  • All articles must be correct and accurate when submitted. In submitting the article, you verify that you have thoroughly fact checked the content. Plagiarized materials will not be accepted, and submission of plagiarized works will disqualify the submitter from future publication in Constructor products.

Review Process

  • The article must be approved by the editor‐in‐chief and AGC of America. All articles undergo a review process, and there is no guarantee that a submission will be published.
  • All articles accepted for a publication are subject to editing for style, clarity and space considerations.
  • Accompanying images are welcome but are not guaranteed to be included. Digital photos and illustrations such as charts and logos should be in EPS, TIFF or high‐resolution JPG format. Photos should be at least 300dpi at the actual size they will be printed. Hard copy photos or slides will be accepted. Materials will be returned if requested.
  • Submissions that coordinate with the editorial calendar and monthly themes are given first consideration.