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Digital Marketing Strategies that Build Your Online Presence and Boost Business


The pandemic has impacted the construction industry in major ways, with many project delays happening as people were forced to social distance and isolate. As many as 60% of contractors reported at least one project postponed or cancelled in September of last year, according to AGC of America’s 2020 Workforce Survey. Having reached the milestone of one year of the pandemic, business is beginning to pick back up again, and construction companies are looking to get back in the swing of things with new leads and projects. Incorporating a digital marketing strategy that places your company in front of your target audiences and gets you ranked higher on Google will be an important initiative to make. 

To maximize the amount of people seeing your construction company through Google, companies need to ensure they have a prominent digital presence. Incorporating a digital marketing strategy that keeps potential customers in the know on services, past projects and establishing your company as a legitimate one to trust can increase sales and satisfied customers. When looking to implement digital marketing strategies, companies should leverage the 80/20 rule—focusing efforts on the 20% of the digital marketing tactics that yield 80% of the most impactful results. With this in mind, construction companies should: 


Think of your website as a business card — information should be succinct and to the point and continually updated with services, testimonials, visuals of completed projects and more. They should have a clean, uncluttered feel for customers to easily navigate between pages. As most customers will be searching for construction companies on their phones, the page needs to be mobile-friendly and optimized. This means fast-loading and easy to navigate between pages on a phone’s screen. 

By maintaining a website that’s consistently updated with information relevant to the customer and shows your legitimacy, Google can then recognize the company as a credible referral when people are searching online, creating more traffic to the website. 


Your customers are the most important part of your business — they create projects for you as well as bring in new leads. Maintaining a positive relationship with them through social media channels and soliciting for customer reviews after a service is complete are simple tactics to help to keep customers happy. Fifty or more reviews on a product or service can lead to an average increase of 4.6% in revenue, so it’s important that new customers see the positive experience past customers had. 

Social media is also an opportunity to get personal with your brand and build relationships with your customers for them to see what kind of leader you are, your impact in the community and more. 


Newsletters or blogs are a great tool for email marketing that can reach your customers on a consistent basis with relevant news, trends and projects you are working on. Ideally, once a month is the perfect email marketing schedule. Newsletters or blogs could also focus on your community outreach and company member highlights. Incorporating newsletters and blogs is more a tool for establishing and maintaining a relationship with your existing customers. By producing this evergreen content and sharing it across all platforms, SEO will be boosted and so will your brand credibility. 


Video is an ideal tactic to use to share information with your customers in a succinct and easy-to-digest way. Many people have short attention spans and won’t make it through reading the entire website or social media post—in fact, 69% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. Creating just one video can provide you with a marketing tool that can be on your website, in your social media posts and emailed out in your newsletter and can be used for recruiting or show the progress of your latest project. Video can be used in various ways for marketing and is a great bang for your buck. 

As the construction industry looks to pick back up after the pandemic, simple and useful digital marketing tools can be incorporated into the business to create more customers and quality leads for the company. By sharpening the marketing tools already in the toolbox, construction companies can build up more impactful results in no time.