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Engage with the Association Using the AGC Connection App


One of the lessons that the past 14 months have taught us is that there is a direct connection between member engagement with AGC and our association’s success. The more members are engaged, the stronger and more effective AGC of America is. Understanding that correlation, AGC has created and continued to improve the AGC Connection app. It is a single, one-stop portal for members to engage with their association.

The app, which is available to all members, performs a variety of functions. For example, it serves as a source for the latest industry news, regulatory updates and member benefits. It is also the place where members can tune in to the latest AGC of America ConstructorCast podcast. All this great content comes right to you via the app’s daily news feed. The app also offers the easiest way for members to find out about upcoming AGC of America events and activities. And when you find the programs that meet your needs, you can sign up right through the app.

The AGC Connection app also offers a robust resources section so members can take advantage of AGC materials. This includes details about available member discounts, AGC’s coronavirus and general construction safety resources, and back issues of award-winning Constructor magazine.

The app makes it easy for members to engage with Capitol Hill as well. Every time AGC of America issues a member action alert, app users will get a notification. They can then click right through and send messages to their members of Congress about key industry priorities, right through the app.

Another great feature is that it makes it easy for members to connect across the country. You can send direct messages via the app to individual members or to groups. You can also post comments and queries on any of AGC of America’s member forums.

Depending on which chapter your firm belongs to, you can also use the AGC Connection app to get the latest chapter information and up-dates. For example, several of AGC’s chapters have their own dedicated news feed and local event details. In addition to AGC of America’s posts, you would also see posts shared by your local chapter.

You can learn more about the AGC Connection app at www.agc.org/agc-connection. And you can download the app from our website or the Apple Apps or Google Play stores. However you download, the fact is the AGC Connection app makes it easier than ever to engage with AGC of America. And with big challenges heading our way, including the PRO Act, we are going to need all of you to get — and stay — engaged so we can be successful for our members.