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Every Seven Years


Some researchers say that the human body replaces itself with renewed cells every seven years. I know the science behind the concept is complicated as well as probably contradictory — and I certainly don’t feel younger (or even the same age) as I did in 2012 — but there does seem to be something to that magic number of seven. Astrologists claim personal crises occur every seven years as well. And, let’s not forget about the locusts.

In 2012, we launched the last redesign of Constructor magazine. And here we are, seven years later, rolling out a slightly new, improved look. But the timing is deliberate and not related to a seven-year itch. Last year, AGC of America celebrated its 100th anniversary, and in every issue of this magazine — as well as our commemorative publication, Constructor — The Centennial Issue, we reflected on the history of the association, recognizing its significant contributions to the industry as well as the monumental changes that transformed commercial construction during those 100 years.

Now it’s time to focus on the future. Construction professionals know better than most that change is a constant. And if our retrospective look taught us anything last year, it’s that the industry will continue to evolve — and probably at a much faster pace than we’ve seen in the past.

AGC of America, the single voice of construction, has always led the charge for commercial construction — whether it’s fighting for regulations that are in the best interest of the industry or providing its membership — through education — with the tools required to advance. Constructor, as an extension of that voice, has followed suit. Keeping our content fresh and our look modern is our way of keeping stride with AGC of America.

We will continue to provide the quality content you’ve come to appreciate and expect, but the organization of the articles and the look of the stories have changed slightly. Each issue will still include key features — timely topics that provide insight into the industry and the association. For instance, our cover story for March/April — as it does every year — highlights AGC of America’s incoming president. Be sure to meet (via these pages) Tarlton’s Dirk Elsperman on pages 12-17 and learn about his plans for the membership this year. Our other features include the association’s regulatory priorities for 2019 (pages 39-43), as well as an in-depth look at the outlook survey AGC and Sage conducted earlier this year (pages 20-29).

Safety, technology and workforce development are three topics critical to the construction industry. Therefore, we are keeping those in Constructor’s article rotation. With every issue you’ll see at least one story in each of these areas. If limited by space, we’ll continue the conversation at www.constructormagazine.com so keep that site — which also has a new look and feel — bookmarked. And, as always, if you, as an AGC member, wish to contribute content or participate in an upcoming article, do not hesitate to contact me. Please enjoy this new and improved version of Constructor. You’ll find the same high-level of content we’ve always provided, but in a format easier to digest. Will we redesign the magazine again in another seven years? Only the future Constructor team knows the answer to that question. But if it helps you, if it contributes to the advancement of the industry, if it echoes that single industry voice, you can believe we will.