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Who Are AGC Members?

Early in 2012, we conducted a survey to find out more details about YOU: what line of construction you work in, what types of companies you do business with, what your professional titles are, and more. We debuted your demographics – company sizes, ages, gender, job function and years as an AGC member – in the July/August issue, and those pages were viewed the most of any article from that issue.

Now we’re unveiling more data, giving you an even better glance at the companies that comprise AGC’s membership. We compare the makeup and activities of the public and private sectors of the construction industry.

We learned that more than 63 percent of you work for a private construction firm. More than 55 percent of members in both the private and public sector identify themselves as general contractors. The public sector hosts almost five times as many design engineers as the private sector, but the private sector is more likely to work on specialty construction projects. When it’s time to buy products, most of you are shopping for aggregates and heavy construction equipment with which to handle those materials.

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