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Six Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying Construction Equipment


There is an increase in infrastructure projects, which is a good reason for construction businesses to have equipment that will help them finish the projects on time, without compromising the integrity of the built structure. If the equipment is no longer helping you achieve that goal, it is time to replace it.

However, this is not an easy task as heavy equipment is costly and needs significan investment. Here are six factors that you must consider before buying:

There will be times when you will have to work in a remote location, where the weather conditions could be unpredictable, unfamiliar or harsh. For example, you could experience constant rain, snow or hail. These conditions can weaken and damage the heavy-lifting equipment if they remain exposed to the harsh elements for a prolonged period of time on a regular basis. The compromised equipment can prove hazardous to the employees working on the site and impact the integrity of the structure being constructed.

Invest in lifting equipment that is made of good quality materials because they have the ability to resist weakening caused by exposure to harsh conditions and punishing weather elements. Moreover, you will save maintenance and repair costs. Always check the quality and strength of the heavy-lifting equipment before buying.

Embrace technology as it is an ally you want on your side. If you have heavy equipment that has the latest technology, it will surely impact and enhance the overall performance of your business. These machines will get more work done in less time and with less manpower as compared to their ‘non-tech’ counterparts.

It also helps in attracting and retaining more business to the contractors. The work would be smoother, helping them complete the projects faster and on time. Industrial weighing scales are an example of such technology.

Heavy construction equipment does not come cheap. Not only is it expensive initially, you will have to shell out high maintenance costs down the line. One way to bring down your costs is by opting for fuel-efficient machines. Since fuel is one of the major costs in a construction business, machines that consume less fuel will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Generally, construction projects span over a long time — ranging from a few months to even years or decades. Not planning and allocating assets and investments smartly will affect the overall project and the business. Investing in heavy-lifting machines is a significant part of the allocated budget. Since some of the heavy-lifting machinery is large in size and boasts of sophisticated technology, it can make the purchase an expensive affair for your business. Despite the expenses, it is advisable to invest in them rather than opting for substandard machines as it will benefit you in the long run. Plan properly and consider the allocated budget as a primary factor before buying these machines.

Ensure that you always buy from a reputable dealer. Take your time and check out numerous dealers before making the purchase. One way to identify a reputable and reliable dealer is if answers any question you throw his way; if he doesn’t have an answer, he will be honest and get back to you later with the necessary information. Make sure you also ask about the after-purchase services being offered.

Efficient and reliable lifting equipment will do you no good if you do not have the skill or dexterity to use it. Working with heavy machinery is quite challenging and poses a workplace safety hazard if not handled carefully. Ensure that only trained and specialized machine operators are in-charge of running such machines to keep the workplace safe and eliminate accidents. If you do not specialize in heavy equipment management, hire an experienced operator for the same. It would be a wise decision to invest in training your staff.

The right equipment is your biggest asset, so make sure you invest wisely in it to secure your future. These six tips will greatly help in assisting you in making the right purchasing decisions.

Kevin Hill heads the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, California. Besides his day job, he loves to write about the different types of scales and their importance in various industries. He also writes about how to care for and get optimized performance from different scales in different situations.