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Successful Initiatives Lead to Banner Year for AGC of Kentucky


As AGC of Kentucky’s chapter executive, I have been fortunate to lead an organization that places a strong emphasis on strategic planning. This has provided us with the luxury of prioritization and situational fluidity while enabling our leadership to properly align association resources with identified strategies. This focus culminated into a series of initiatives and opportunities that produced a banner year for AGC of Kentucky.


2019 began, quite literally, as a year of transition for the AGC of Kentucky. We had just completed the purchase, and begun the renovation, of what was to become our new headquarters. This 110-year-old former residence is the closest structure to Kentucky’s Capitol and sends a clear message to policymakers and chapter members visiting the Capitol that AGC of Kentucky’s focus never veers from our responsibility as the “Voice of the Kentucky Construction Industry.”

While the office was being finalized, AGC’s work across the street was producing results for the industry. Passing a single piece of legislation during a 30-day session requires ample preparation, strong coalitions and a solid strategy. Three AGC of Kentucky priorities crossed the gover-nor’s desk and became law. Moving forward, PLAs cannot be mandated for public projects; Kentucky’s state-funded scholarship program now applies to qualified workforce training programs and registered apprenticeships; and clarification of contractor access requirements for school grounds became law.

Our efforts to recruit and retain Kentucky’s construction workforce found traction through a variety of initiatives. AGC of Kentucky designed and executed a capital campaign aimed at ensuring Eastern Kentucky University’s Construction Management program had the resources need-ed to attract, and most importantly keep, high-caliber faculty. During the first four months of the campaign, our efforts raised $211,500 of our $250,000 goal.

The launch of AGC of Kentucky’s Opioid Education Initiative provided resources to prevent, protect and educate our company owners and their employees on ways to combat the crisis. We provided members with a turnkey program. Packages included best practices on rolling the program out, brochures outlining questions to ask your health care provider about pain management and medication disposal bags to safely dispose of unused medications.

A popular benefit in our lineup of offerings is the Kentucky AGC Self Insurers’ Fund. Over 300 AGC of Kentucky members receive workers’ compensation coverage through this benefit. During year five of participation, qualifying members are eligible for an annual dividend. These dividends routinely top 20 percent of a member’s premium paid. In 2019, AGC of Kentucky staff hand delivered more than one million dollars in dividend checks to member companies.

We feel that AGC of Kentucky’s 2019 accomplishments represented not only a transition but an evolution. We refused to settle for the status quo with our legacy programs, facilities, operations, relationships, services or benefits. Our achievements resulted in immediate, quantifiable benefits to our membership and the industry we are proud to serve. Just as important, the foundation laid in 2019 will continue to pay divi-dends on key long-term objectives and will ensure AGC of Kentucky remains THE CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION of the future.