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Prioritizing Worker Wellness: Combining Education and Technology for Injury Prevention

Construction is risky business. According to OSHA, one in every five private sector worker deaths in 2017 (the latest year recorded) was in construction. That’s 971 fatalities. A dedicated wellness program, with an emphasis on physiologically informed safety knowledge, is a smart effort for any construction organization. It helps with injury prevention and differentiating that company as an attractive employer.

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Tracking Jobsite Workers with Wearables Boosts Safety and Productivity

Photo credit: United Rentals If a worker fell on the jobsite, how fast would the operations and safety managers learn about the incident and be able to locate the worker to render assistance? BY HELGE JACOBSEN, VICE PRESIDENT AND GM – ADVANCED SOLUTIONSUNITED RENTALS® A MEMBER OF MULTIPLE AGC CHAPTERS When a construction company hires a subcontractor for a big ...

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As Drone Technology Takes Flight, Data Storage Becomes Key

With the popularity and complexity of drone technologies, storing and analyzing the data can create challenges for contractors. Members and vendors have taken different approaches to turning that data into useful images and models.

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Taking Control of the Future Brings Success

The construction industry is dynamic — ever changing and evolving through technology. The way contractors work today is clearly much different than 50 years ago — or 20 years — or even five years ago. The big difference is due to advances in technology in the machines and tools that enable greater productivity, reduce time and provide better results.

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Integrating Technology with Stakeholder Support

Historically, the construction industry has been labeled as resistant to change. Relative to other sectors, many have argued that the acceptance of technology and innovation into the construction workflow has been notably slower. But rarely is the rationale behind that concept explored.

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Special Delivery

Gone are the days of the master builder. In the years since, various delivery methods have been utilized by the construction industry's many arms. Increasingly though, firms are finding that shared risk equals shared reward, and collaboration is the key to success.

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