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Bats in Bridges

There is a critical need to repair and replace structurally deficient bridges throughout the U.S. in order to protect public safety and maintain the nation’s transportation network; however, the work can bring a host of challenges in any location. Multiple factors must be considered, from seismic and corrosion concerns to impacts on the environment and the public. But what happens when bats inhabit the bridge as well?

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Tips for Working Successfully with SWPPP Inspectors

In order for a Construction General Permit compliance program to be effective, there must be frequent and efficient communication. Here are some tips to ensure smooth project progress while maintaining compliance with the CGP.

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Overcoming Permit Delays

Given federal budget realities, it is increasingly clear that private sector funding, and especially new partnerships, will be crucial to the success of this key part of the Trump campaign platform. It also apparent that capable contractors will have major opportunities in new infrastructure partnerships.

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Riding the Rails

The volume of construction material shipped via rail is increasing.

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Smarter Than the Average Building

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart homes and now smart buildings. This rapidly expanding trend changes the way builders construct and owners manage their buildings.

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C.W. Driver Companies Announces Completion of the $50 Million Newport Beach Country Club

Newport Beach Country Club 1

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–C.W. Driver Companies, a premier builder serving California since 1919 and a member of AGC of California and the San Diego Chapter of AGC of America, today announced the completion of the $50 million Newport Beach Country Club. Located at One Clubhouse Drive in Newport Beach, California, the 65,000-square-foot, two-level luxury development is owned by International Bay Clubs, ...

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Automation on the Jobsite: How Contractors Are Exploring New Ways to Build

Technology continues evolving, offering opportunities for construction firms to automate some practices and explore new ways to build. Drones have made significant inroads, while robotics and 3D printing hold potential but are not in widespread use.

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Three Questions That Can Help You Better Manage Corrosion

For many, corrosion may seem like a minor problem. A little rust here and there, maybe some pipes weaken and need to be replaced down the road — nothing that can’t be handled. And on a case-by-case basis, this may be true, because sometimes all corrosion amounts to is a little rust.

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