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Two Robotic-Assist Devices Help Ensure Project Success

For the first time in the United States, contactors have deployed two semi-robotic construction devices — Material Unit Lift Enhancers (MULE) and a Semiautomated Mason (SAM) — to ensure success at a $62 million project at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois.

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More than Providing an Education, New Trade School Helps Students Find Meaning in Industry Work

With a goal to equip students with the employability and technical skills required for employment and/or advanced training in construction and related fields, the Riverchase Career Connection Skilled Trades Academy in Birmingham, Alabama, is off to a great start.

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Guessing Game for Materials Costs

After two years of price shocks, contractors have experienced a break in materials cost increases in recent months, but budgeting and estimating are likely to remain challenging throughout 2020.

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The Student Becomes the Teacher

We can all learn something from Chinmay Lad, whose potent dreams of a civil engineering career, of an industry-wide “digital revolution,” inspired him to join the ranks of those who have earned their Certificate of Management — Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) designation.

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Managing Incentives for Better Performance

Incentives are meant to motivate employees and encourage desired behavior. However, implementation is key, and sometimes even the most well-meaning programs struggle.

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Suit Up

Seeking to increase productivity and improve safety, contractors have begun trying exoskeletons, mechanical, robotic frames to help with lifting and holding tools overhead.

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