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Here’s to a Healthier New Year

For those who typically set new year’s resolutions in January, your well-intentioned goals may have flown the coop by mid-March like mine did, replaced with uncertainty, stress, worry, plus a whole host of other concerns no one was prepared to tackle.

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Here to Stay

It probably goes without saying that it’s been a challenging year for us all.

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The 2020 Rollercoaster

This 2020 rollercoaster is one we didn’t expect and one filled with trepidation, anxiety and fear. But through this crisis, there are those that stand up, raise a hand, lift a finger, to help wherever and whenever they can.

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Who’s Ready for Vegas

If you're planning on Vegas, I hope you're ready. There may be long days (and perhaps long nights for some), but it will be worth the trip.

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School’s Out for Summer … Or is it?

June marked the end of another school year for many. Some students will move to another grade in the fall. Those who have graduated from high school will get to take that first step of adulthood — probably with both excitement and anticipation. And college graduates — with a four-year degree in their hands — will soon learn the real work begins now.

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What’s a Picture Really Worth?

I've always been curious about the origins of words and phrases, thanks in part to my mother, who – born and raised in Kentucky — was a great storyteller. Either she’d be in and out of the grocery store in ‘two shakes of a lamb’s tail’ (who knew shake is an actual recognized unit of time?) or would drag her feet like a ‘herd of turtles.’ 

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