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Tech Talk 2021

It’s 2021 and, 20 years after the fictional Space Odyssey, we are living in a world where we address our AI-driven computers by name with song requests, weather questions, math problems.

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To See It Is to Believe It

Contractors use augmented reality (AR) in a number of ways on a variety of projects to show clients a space, resolve clashes and under-stand how much work has been finished.

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Faster connections. Less lag time. Ability to connect more devices simultaneously. These three benefits of a 5G wireless network have the potential to significantly affect productivity, safety and quality on a construction site.

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Untouched by Human Hands

The long-predicted robotic future of construction has begun. The industry has lagged behind others like automotive and aerospace in adopting robotic labor because, until now, most building robots could only operate efficiently in a controlled, consistent environment like a factory.

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Construction Tech 2020

The construction industry has a rep for being slow on the tech uptake. We asked Gonzalo Galindo why.

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