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The Paperless Journey

More and more contractors are turning to document management software to ensure crews in the field have the latest drawings to save time, prevent rework and facilitate communication.

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What Puts the Fab in Prefab?

Although prefabrication has existed for centuries, building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) have given the construction method a boost, saving contractors time and money.

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Tech Talk 2021

It’s 2021 and, 20 years after the fictional Space Odyssey, we are living in a world where we address our AI-driven computers by name with song requests, weather questions, math problems.

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How Engagement Is Making AGC Even Stronger

When I first became president back in March 2020, a lifetime ago, I talked about how getting engaged in AGC of America was key to making our association successful. I want to say thank you for proving me right.

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Retriever to the Rescue

If you’ve driven Alabama roads recently, whether on a family road trip or on the way to a jobsite, you may have seen an effective — not to mention adorable — billboard, featuring Millie the AGC safety dog, promoting work zone safety.

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Making Magic in Orlando

When you haven’t traveled — or socialized much — in 19+ months, touching down in Orlando for AGC’s 2021 Convention did indeed feel a bit magical.

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