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Partners in Safety

As with nearly every profession, there are dangers and hazards with construction. Injuries due to falls and other accidents can happen, not to mention the problems that come with heat stress and overexertion.

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Bringing the Industry Together to Address Workforce Shortages

The inaugural National Construction Industry Workforce Summit will offer a unique opportunity to learn about successful workforce development efforts, network with contractors, association leaders and educators who are involved in workforce development and help develop new nationwide solutions to chronic construction labor shortages.’

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Take this Job and Love it

The benefits of working in construction are numerous, and the job opportunities are seemingly endless.

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Coaching Up the Next Generation

With two brothers working for The Boldt Company as project managers, Sam Fassbender recognized a good opportunity and seized it, and if family history is any indication, he’ll be making a meaningful contribution to the construction industry for decades to come.

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Construction is Essential

The term "essential worker" took on a whole new meaning in 2020 as many employees — who considered their contribution to the workforce valuable — lost their jobs, thanks to the tailspin caused by COVID-19.

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