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Constructing Her Own Reality

Polly Friendshuh knows how it looks: the Academic Dean of Construction Sciences & Business Technology at Minneapolis’ Dunwoody College of Technology, an AGC of Minnesota member, stands five-foot-two, weighs roughly 110 pounds and is in her 50s. “

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Perfect Fit

The construction industry faces a severe shortage of craft workers as well as other team members, and at the same time, leaders recognize that many women, who make up about half of the total workforce, are staying clear of construction opportunities. One concern is improperly fitting safety equipment.

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Woman Boss

Women comprise 9.9 percent of the construction industry workforce, with an even smaller number of women on the front lines - an estimated 1 percent.

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Girl Power

Earlier this year Constructor magazine sat down with two amazing women in the industry to get their take on what it means to be in a predominantly male industry, the obstacles they’ve faced in their journey, and whether they would choose the same career again. Spoiler alert: They would. This is the second article in a series on women in construction.

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Wonder Women

A conversation with three construction professionals on their experiences in an effort to attract other women to the industry

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