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Could Training Be the Answer to Retention Challenges?

BY CHRIS LENNON, VP OF PRODUCT, BIRDDOGHR TRAIN TO RETAIN There’s no denying a shortage of skilled workers for the construction industry. As baby boomers retire, mid- to upper-level positions are opening, but contractors are having trouble finding people to replace those openings in addition to entry-level positions. The current unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 18 years, ...

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Wonder Women

A conversation with three construction professionals on their experiences in an effort to attract other women to the industry

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Attracting and Growing Talent: What Contractors Need to Know

BY STACEY HOLSINGER AND MARK DRURY SHAPIRO AND DUNCAN, AN AGC OF METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON DC MEMBER Across many industries in the U.S., there is a decline in educated, skilled and experienced personnel as the largest generation in history moves out of the workforce and into retirement. As a result, it’s become a war for talent, and construction companies are on ...

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Reaching Tomorrow’s Workforce

BY DAVID DISNEY In a business climate where construction labor is not only in short supply, but it is also at a premium, companies must employ original solutions to get ahead of the issue. The industry is facing a shortage in workforce like no other. Generations before us grew up outside, building treehouses doing manual labor, whereas today’s kids tend ...

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Job Fulfillment is the Key to Retention

BY CHARLIE KIMMEL Employers worry about losing their best employees to higher bidders, but there are ways to fight back that don’t involve over-paying. You can stay competitive by discovering what your employees really want from their jobs and delivering on the intangibles. Employee retention continues to be a concern for many industries. Only 29 percent of American employees say ...

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