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The 2020 Rollercoaster


Jeanie J. Clapp

My sister hates rollercoasters, always has. But when Tower of Terror (now Guardians of the Galaxy) opened at Disneyland, I — along with other family members —tricked her into riding it. We told her it wasn’t a traditional loop-de-loop ride (true) and that it centered around a favorite TV show from our youth, The Twilight Zone (also true). She bought it, got in line and buckled up. Needless to say, she hated it. She screamed the entire duration (which seemed much longer than it actually was) and didn’t release the death grip she had on my husband’s arm (who had the misfortune of sitting next to her) until it was over. The ride was not what she expected.

And neither is 2020.

We’re six months into the year with six more to go. Let that sink in a bit. We are ALREADY six months into 2020 – three of which were spent for most of us under a stay-at-home order. The days seem to drag. (Is it Monday or Sunday?) Yet the months seem to fly by with every momentous occasion: virtual graduations, Zoom birthdays, small wedding celebrations.

So, we’re on this coronavirus rollercoaster – a ride we certainly didn’t expect and one that has been filled with trepidation, anxiety and fear. But through this crisis – as with any other – there are those that stand up, raise a hand, lift a finger, to help wherever and whenever they can. And among that group? AGC of America and its members.

Unfortunately, there is not enough space in this magazine to tell every story, but our “Crisis Response” article on page 26 highlights a few ways members have been helping to expand the nation’s healthcare capacity by converting hotels, convention centers and other spaces into temporary hospitals and testing facilities. These projects were completed in record time, incorporated innovative solutions and involved impressive collaborative efforts – all toward healing a hurting nation.

And, as the nation does return to work and other businesses start to resume operations, they can look to the construction industry for guidance on how to work safely amid the coronavirus. The past few months haven’t been easy and more challenges are undoubtedly ahead, but by engaging with AGC of America and taking advantage of all the resources it has to offer, including Constructor, you should stay on a forward path. They say leadership is often tested the most during times of crisis. AGC of America and you, its members, have demonstrated much tenacity and strength during this unexpected rollercoaster, and while it’s not yet over, at least now we’re strapped in, holding on and — perhaps — better able to handle the ride