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The prefab revolution is about more than just process

The Big Offsite Construction Boom Calls for Innovative Products

It doesn’t take long after putting pen to paper to conclude that panelization is a contractor’s ally. Savvy contractors are shifting production to the factory – taking workers off scaffolding into a controlled environment, eliminating weather-related scheduling chaos, and infusing efficiency by moving tasks to an indoor work bench.

Georgia-Pacific is supporting the prefab revolution with DensElement® Barrier System. Thanks to proprietary AquaKor Technology, a hydrophobic, monolithic surface is created that blocks bulk water while retaining vapor permeability. No separate Water-Resistive and Air Barrier (WRB-AB) is needed, and the only onsite finish work is treating the vertical seams between panels.

Read our in-depth case study to find out how DensElement® Barrier System was instrumental in helping Canam Group Inc. reduce onsite labor and deliver their panelized Les Diplomates 3 apartment building envelope on time – even during a harsh Canadian winter.

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