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Up Your Odds to Increase Project Efficiency

Hands down this pair is a winner.

A Sure Bet

Building in the great outdoors can be a gamble. Prefabrication takes the labor availability and site inconsistency variables off the table—completing work in a controlled factory environment instead, which can help save time and money. But the savings doesn’t have to end there.

Double down with DensElement® Barrier System. DensElement multiplies efficiency by eliminating the need for a separate WRB-AB and drastically reduces dry time. By filling microscopic voids in the glass mat and gypsum core via AquaKor™ Technology, a hydrophobic, monolithic surface is created that blocks bulk water while retaining vapor permeability.

More panels completed on the factory floor each day means faster turnaround, happy customers and more factory capacity. See how you can use this ace in your hand for consistent production and installation efficiency against scheduling odds.

Future Up.