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Your Ultimate Solution for Field Software


X-PAD Ultimate, from GeoMax, is the most advanced field software solution for those who want productivity, ease of use, scalability and full control of their data.

According to one user, X-PAD Ultimate is, “technically better than its competitors and more fit for the environment you work in as a surveyor.”

It is a flexible, modular and customized field software for high-end topographic tasks such as measure, stake-out, cadastral, BIM check and control, highway surveying, mapping, bathymetry and GIS.

Designed to be used on any Android device, this software solution ensures productivity in the field and provides a smooth integration between measuring tools. It allows data integration with maps, camera for augmented reality, direct data exchange with cloud platforms, use of sensors, voice commands and much more.

“In my opinion, setting up X-PAD and pairing it with equipment works a lot easier than a lot of the competitors,” said a dedicated X-PAD Ultimate customer.

X-PAD Ultimate puts the best technology directly in your hand, and in the field, in the most convenient and efficient way possible – on your existing phone and/or tablet. There is no need to buy a separate expensive data collector, or to carry around extra equipment.

The software features a full 3D viewer and CAD system to view and edit drawings onsite. The ability to draw in the field using the CAD function is a significant benefit to many customers, including one who said, “We do as-built surveys and use X-PAD to utilize the linework, to be able to draw up the whole site for the concrete in buildings. Having the CAD screen makes a huge difference.”

Its cloud-enabled design gives you a direct connection between the field and your office, using multiple sensors for greater accuracy. Built-in voice commands let you control your equipment when your hands are full.
Addressing these features, another user said, “I’d recommend X-PAD because of the workflow and the connectivity between the office and the field. It also gives your guys in the field the ability to see the same product you’re wanting to put out as far as the linework and location. That’s a 100% upside.”

X-PAD Ultimate delivers the perfect integration between TPS and GNSS, to offer maximum flexibility in the field. Other sensors, such as distance measuring lasers, echosounders and locators are fully integrated in the measurement workflow as well.

This easy-to-use software is specifically tailored for both surveyors and construction crews and is available in two specific modules – Survey and Build.


X-PAD Ultimate Survey is a solution for all your design survey, property survey and layout needs.

It combines data collected from all GeoMax sensors, including total stations, GNSS, locators and levels, providing a set of complete features, flexibility, data integration, scalability and the latest technology in the field.


X-PAD Ultimate Build is an ideal solution for your construction measuring and layout needs, executing all construction activities in an efficient and productive way.

It combines data collection from the total station or the GNSS, allowing you to perform measurements, stakeout and as-built with simple and functional procedures. Ongoing updates and enhancements to the software are critical factors in the success of X-PAD. These improvements are routinely made using feedback from users in the field.

For example, the different mode of the TPS as a reference axis, intersection of two axes and batter boards make it possible to track operations, even in difficult conditions and with few reference points.

Additional valuable features of X-PAD Ultimate field software include the following:

Built into the software is a real topographic 3D CAD, not just a simple graphic viewer. Using the CAD functions, you can draw, edit, measure and calculate the position of new elements that can then be used in stakeout operations.

X-PAD Ultimate allows you to use different types of standard maps, as well as Web Map Services (WMS). Offline mode is also supported.

Measuring point positions is the main purpose of topographic equipment, but with X-PAD Ultimate you can do even more by integrating positions, photos and notes.

Quick Codes allow you to create your own custom panels and measure the position of the point automatically. Simply choose the code.

The automatic design system uses innovative survey codes to bring drawings together, point after point, without requiring lengthy, complex coding.

With X-PAD Ultimate, stakeout has never been easier or faster. Voice guidance allows you to arrive at the point without even looking at the display, while the large compass simplifies visual navigation. Every drawing element, including the points, lines, arcs and every position within the graphical view, can be staked out.

Point the camera to the site and immediately see where the points and elements are for stakeout.

X-PAD Ultimate will guide you in the vicinity of the point and determine the exact location, then you can use augmented reality to see your design elements overlaid with the real world.

X-PAD Ultimate can be controlled by voice commands. No need to touch the screen to measure points, change survey codes, alter target types or many other tasks.

Integrated GIS lets you create GIS features and define the corresponding attributes that can be filled when the point is stored.

With BIM, IFC files can be loaded, displayed in the main CAD view, and in survey, stakeout and COGO commands. Elements can be selected, hidden or isolated. From BIM models, you can extract points, lines, surfaces and cross-sections for stakeout and checking operations.

X-PAD Ultimate can open and import any file, even in the cloud. You can save your data on the most popular cloud platforms, like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, and access them from the field or office.
You can also quickly share information, coordinates and photos of the measured points to your team in the office via a message or email.

The X-Pole solution allows you to work simultaneously with TPS and GNSS using the best features of each system and with maximum flexibility. A simple tap is all you need to change the measurement mode and switch from GNSS to TPS mode and vice versa. The GNSS receiver mounted on the prism, gives the total station a precise position, speeding up the prism acquisition after loss.

X-PAD gives you full remote control of all the functions of the robotic total station from a single screen. Choose different search strategies for prism acquisition. Prism lock status is always available on one screen and with one tap you can start the search process, even using the GPS position of the controller.

With the Volumes feature, X-PAD Ultimate can calculate terrain models from points with options to define breaklines and boundaries. Models can also be imported from DXF or LandXML files. Using the models, you can determine the cubic yards of material from an excavation or a pit. In addition, with the use of stakeout commands and a surface, you can check grade to design elevations in the field.

The Roading feature allows you to load, manage and perform alignment stakeouts of projects such as roads, highways and canals. The software provides fully visual management, so you can always see what is happening. At any moment you can view plans, vertical profiles and cross sections.

Stake all elements of the project (edges, side slopes, walls, ditches, etc.) at any station and with any offset, using cross sections, edge polylines or by defining one or more section templates.

X-TILT is a new feature in X-PAD Ultimate that allows you to calculate the incline of any GNSS or TPS pole in challenging environments. After a quick calibration at the beginning of the job, you can use the electronic bubble directly on the main screen to keep the tilt status constantly visible.

In the case of GNSS measurements, epochs are not acquired if the pole is not vertical. This feature makes it possible to quickly find the vertical position of the pole.

Dual tag is a way to measure inaccessible points with GPS using the inclinometer available with the GeoMax Zenith35 GNSS receiver. With X-TILT, dual tag is extended to all GNSS receiver models, not just the Zenith35.
Dual tag mode allows you to measure a point by tilting the pole in two directions and measuring the corresponding position. The position of the point is automatically calculated.

The same solution used with GNSS Dual Tag is also now available for total stations. With X-TILT it is possible to measure an inaccessible point by tilting the pole in two directions and measuring the corresponding position. The position of the point is then calculated automatically.

Certain surveying activities require the set up of a traverse that will be used to measure points with accuracy but will also be used as a reference for future activities on the same sites.

In these scenarios, it is important to be able to estimate the quality of the traverse in the field before coming back to the office.

X-PAD Ultimate now includes a traverse calculation feature that analyzes the measurements, identifies the traverse type (closed, closed-loop or open) and calculates the errors (linear and angular). Errors can be distributed along the traverse and the measured points can be recalculated.

To learn more about X-PAD Ultimate field software, visit geomax-positioning.com. You can also give it a test run by downloading the free X-PAD Ultimate Survey app for your Android device by visiting geomax-positioning.com/xpad-trial.

Try it today and see for yourself why professionals across the country are saying things like, “I’m super impressed with what I’ve been able to do with X-PAD. It made my life so much easier.”