• AGC of America's 96th Annual Convention will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico Convention in the Caribbean In March, AGC of America members will have the exciting opportunity to visit a destination bursting with rich culture, fascinating history, good grub, plenty of sun, and miles of sandy beach. Puerto Rico comes with all the luxuries of paradise and none of the pirate mischief.
  • AGC of America pushes for stricter work zone laws Life Inside the Cone Zones AGC of America pushes for more safety measures in an effort to reduce the number of work zone crashes.
  • AGC of America keeps close tabs on the lengthy list of federal regulations that affect contractors. 2015 Opens with a Laundry List of Regulatory Issues to Monitor Contractors who feel like there’s a new regulation looming every time they turn around are not just imagining an increase in the rules. Federal agencies issued 3,659 final rules in 2013. AGC of America keeps tabs on those expected to impact contractors and their businesses.
  • election_resized_2 How You Can Help Tip the Scales in the Industry’s Favor this November AGC is comprised of 26,000 member firms. That's one heck of a "building" blok for the 2014 congressional races.

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