• The first segment of a tower for the new bridge at the Port of Long Beach is aglow during a pile cap pour. The existing Gerald Desmond Bridge, in the background, will be demolished once the new bridge is complete. Photo courtesy of Port of Long Beach/Jonathan Alcorn Shape Up and Ship Out The opportunity of providing a port for post-Panamax ships and the business they carry has inspired massive renovation projects at ports around the U.S.
  • New and old construction marketing strategies Old, New, Tried & True Looking for new business? You probably need updated marketing strategies, tactics well suited for the wireless age. But don’t toss out all the old dogs for new tricks just yet.
  • Lean helps construction firms Lean in and Learn In today’s competitive world, contractors must streamline operations and come up with innovative solutions to a variety of construction challenges. Many firms have embraced Lean methodology as a way to deliver projects more efficiently.
  • AGC members help breathe new life into Detroit Rebuilding Motor City As Detroit rebounds from its economic woes, dozens of high-profile projects are being built and there's more in the pipeline, allowing AGC member contractors to help breathe new life into the Motor City.

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Published bi-monthly for members of The Associated General Contractors of America, Constructor Magazine offers in-depth coverage and analysis of the construction industry and related topics, such as insurance, safety and regulatory issues, as well as practical advice on labor relations and legal matters.

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Current Issue: November-December

Web Exclusives

    The Odds Are Getting Worse: Cyber Liability Exposures in Construction
    How to Cut Construction Company Financial Reporting Compliance Costs with New GAAP Exceptions
    How a Coordinated Approach to Transportation Can Ensure Jobsite Success
    Managing Design Changes from the Field with Confidence
    Job Fulfillment is the Key to Retention
    Know the Flood Risk Before You Build
    Under-Used Methods to Get Paid Fast in Construction
    Five Tips for General Contractors to Make Their Sites Safer and More Efficient
    Generation Y Provides Hope for the Industry Workforce Shortage
    Avoid Construction Audit Pitfalls
    Unpaid Internships: Pitfalls and Solutions
    Recruit Construction Workers Now for 2020
    Water Wise: Innovations in Groundwater Control Minimize Delays and Costs
    Plan the Work, Then Work the Plan: Commitment to Project Excellence Lands Grunley an Alliant Build America Award
    Contractor Roadmap for Growth and Stability: Gaining More Public Sector Work
    Build to Last: Succession Planning a Blueprint for Long-Term Success
    Environmental Permitting: Getting to “Yes” with the Army Corps of Engineers
    The Path of Least Resistance: DFW Connector Project Provides Texas Commuters with an Easier Ride to Work
    The Workforce Shortage Report
    Reimagining Construction and Care: The Power of Patient-Centered Construction Design in an Ever-Changing Healthcare Market
    The Critical Importance of Onboarding in Today’s Construction Labor Market
    Arbitration Versus Litigation: Choosing the Right Strategy for Complex Construction Claims and Disputes
    Fringe Benefits FAQ
    Heroes to Construction: Returning Veterans Make a Great Resource to the Construction Industry
    Cloud Computing 101: How Can You Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?
    False Claims Act: Pitfalls for the Small-Business Federal Contractor
    Combating Summer’s Wild Weather
    BIM it Here or BIM it There, but Must we BIM it Everywhere?
    Manage the Environmental Construction Risks of Today
    Gray Power in the Construction Workforce
    How Wood Products Can Reduce Construction’s Impact on the Environment
    Lighten Up: Using Geofoam to Simplify Common Site Prep Challenges
    Achieving Acoustic Comfort in Green Buildings
    Cost-Effective Mobile Apps for Contractors
    Built to Last: Q&D Construction Celebrates Milestone Anniversary
    LEED Credential Exams to Feature v4 Material: Will You Be Ready?
    Innovation Indoctrination: Adding Creativity to the Company Playbook
    Are Contractor-Controlled Insurance Programs Right for Your firm?
    Better, Faster, Stronger: Benefits of BIM
    Flatiron Construction Lands a 2012 Alliant Build America Award
    EPA Seeks Rebate Applications for Construction Equipment Retrofits
    Three Easy Techniques to Improve Your Construction Talent Pool
    AGC San Diego Chapter Members Compete in the 2013 Marine Corps Recruit Depot Boot Camp Challenge
    Restoring a National Icon
    Selecting the Right Performance Risk Security for Your Project: Does One Size Fit All?
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    AGC of South Dakota’s Operation Opening Doors Provides Remodeled Home to Purple Heart Recipient

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